About Impulse California

It all started with the goal of creating novelty and fun clothing for "fashion savvy women". Now after 20 years, we have become a unique designer house that designs and manufactures all of our garments locally in Los Angeles.

Our Tops are produced under the Label “Impulse California”, which offers print and Garment dyed in a variety of body styles. At the same time we offer a complete line of colorful Jeggings using Premium Denim under the label “TrueSlim”.

Our secret to our success in the jeggings category is the exclusive fabrics we use. These fabrics have a firm hold which women love, while also being so stretchy, it makes the pant feel like leggings. The fit is what the customers come back for. They quickly find out why our mantra is “The Jeans you can Live in”.

TrueSlim is the only domestic Denim line that offers Jean Leggings (jeggings) in 22 fashion colors, all designed and produced locally in Los Angeles.

Impulse California is the only domestic print line that at any time offers 120 artistic and colorful prints in variety of fashion forwarded styles. Combined with our Garment Dyed tops, we present a unique line with an enormous visual appeal which is the key to sales at retail.

Being a domestic manufacturer, we can turn around goods in as little as two weeks. Our customers not only have a great outfit to sell, they can take advantage of quick reorders in a busy season.

Our Tops and Bottoms are made to create a desirable silhouette and color coordination for Today’s women. The ideal TrueSlim customer is a woman who enjoys looking like her teenage years, while presenting herself as a sophisticated and mature woman.”