Impulse California / TrueSlim Jeans

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Basic crew-neck and V-neck tops with short sleeves.
Some of the styles include sweet lace sleeves and are available in a variety of unique prints
  • 263P154 Cool Impression 263P154  Cool Impression
  • 263P158 263P158
  • 263P184 Abstract Mountain 263P184  Abstract Mountain
  • 263P187 Black Floral 263P187  Black Floral
  • 263P203 263P203
  • 263P267 263P267
  • 263P302 263P302
  • 263P303 263P303
  • 641P268 641P268
  • 859P190 Parisian Sky 859P190 Parisian Sky
  • 867081 867081
  • 867P190 867P190
  • 867P215 867P215
  • 867P217 Back 867P217 Back
  • 867P217 867P217
  • 867P218 867P218
  • 867P264 867P264
  • 867P267 867P267
  • 867P268 867P268
  • 867P280 867P280
  • 867P320 867P320
  • S641004 Tropical Paradise S641004 Tropical Paradise
  • S641005 Blue Reflection S641005 Blue Reflection
  • S641010 Vibrant Wild S641010 Vibrant Wild
  • S641081 Geo Skin S641081  Geo Skin
  • S641P252 New S641P252 New
  • S641P117 S641P117