Impulse California / TrueSlim Jeans

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Tops with a 3/4 sleeve and a round neck opening.
  • 262P102 Patriot Wave 262P102 Patriot Wave
  • 617P106 Wild Meadow 617P106 Wild Meadow
  • 617P107 Aztec Gradient 617P107 Aztec Gradient
  • 617P158 617P158
  • 617P166 Inverted Lines 617P166 Inverted Lines
  • 617P269 617P269
  • 617P295 617P295
  • 683P102 Patriot Wave 683P102 Patriot Wave
  • 683P153 Divine Illusions 683P153 Divine Illusions
  • 683P161 Jade Flow 683P161 Jade Flow
  • 683P166 Inverted Lines 683P166 Inverted Lines
  • 683P270 683P270
  • 683P272 683P272
  • 683P286 683P286
  • 683P293 683P293
  • 683P297 683P297
  • 683P303 683P303
  • 683P313 683P313
  • 683P322 683P322
  • 859P190 859P190
  • 865P161 Jade Flow 865P161 Jade Flow